Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2013

  • IWAC accomplishments during the first appointment cycle (December 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2013)
    It seemed reasonable to convene the Committee at this point in time since it marked the end of the first appointment cycle for the IWAC. While the Committee will continue it will change focus in the next cycle and IWAC co-chairs wanted to thank Committee for support in helping to build the Assessment website and Assessment Library (both major accomplishments for the Committee). Also shared future directions for the Committee...some of which are the result of conversations in Committee over the past year.
  • Future directions for IWAC
    • Institutional Review Board (John Moore, Chair)
    • Data Standards – Data Coordination (Tom Hawk/Jody Bauer Co-chairs)
    • Shaping the Institutional assessment agenda – External Data Collaborations
      (Dawn Sinnott/Sam Hirsch Co-chairs)
  • Structure of IWAC in next appointment cycle (Adopting the Middle States model)
    • Steering Committee
      • (IWAC Co-chairs – Directors of IR and AA & E)
      • Co-Chairs of IWAC initiative work groups
      • Selected work group members and other Institutional representatives
    • Three Work Groups (Co-chairs recommend work group members who are stakeholders in ensuring successful progress in achieving objectives associated with initiatives)
    • Presidential appointments to committee/work groups in fall

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