Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2012

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review of May 17 Minutes
    Will be reviewed via email or at next meeting
  3. Update on Assessment Library
    1. Materials need to be up by end of September so they can go to Middle States work groups by October
    2. Discussion of differences between Middle States work group drop boxes and IWAC library
      1. Will be some initial overlap
      2. IWAC will have a longer life
      3. Not everything in IWAC will be needed for MSCHE
    1. Discussion of Process for uploading materials (Directions can be found on W: Drive)
    2. Will lead to an Assessment Website with a more elegant interface than the library
  4. Academic Assessment Website
    Model of new website was presented
  5. Administrative Audit Process
    1. History of Academic Audit Process (2004 to present)
    2. Programs that have been through the process were discussed (didn’t catch them all)
    3. Discussion of changes to the process (Assessing the Assessment)
    4. Goals for this year include every department/unit having missions and goals
    5. “Closing the Loop” was discussed. Added a “Follow Up” section to the reports
  6. New IR Reports
    Held to next meeting due to time
  7. CCSSE/Noel Levitz
    1. Been through two cycles with them, another will be happening this year (Spring 2013)
    2. Because they focus on different aspects, together they will provide a broad picture
    3. Discussion of better tracking of responses to student data
  8. Next Steps
    1. Complete Excel Worksheets for IWAC Library
    2. Process Discussion
    3. Time Tables
    4. Date for next meeting coming soon 


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