Positioning Statement & Key Strengths

Positioning Statement

Community College of Philadelphia provides the broadest access to high quality, relevant postsecondary education and training for Philadelphians seeking transition to baccalaureate-level education, career entry or progression, or through lifelong learning.

The positioning statement is an internal marketing mission statement that guides strategy, messages and execution.

The set of key messages that follow the positioning statement show how the College’s brand will be translated to different audiences. The brand is fully expressed in communication materials in both words and pictures, which also are tailored to each audience. It is the sum total of these communications over time that will begin to shape the desired perception of Community College of Philadelphia.

Within an overall institutional brand are special programs that can make the case for a sub-brand identity. These programs must show they have a significantly different audience, product or service than the parent brand. In colleges, these sub-brands usually include (but are not limited to) athletics, some academic programs or schools, corporate training, the alumni association, and academic research centers or institutes. The key is to develop an identity that appeals to the specific marketplace while retaining the overall look and tone of the family/parent brand.

Key Strengths and Messages

Community College of Philadelphia:

  • Prepares you for transitions, whether educational, career or personal
  • Offers high-quality education and instruction
  • Offers the broadest access to postsecondary education
  • Provides a supportive environment to help you achieve your educational, career and personal goals
  • Is an economic engine of the city