Vaccination Update

Due to City of Philadelphia mandates, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated. To register for in-person or hybrid classes, students need to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Students who are not vaccinated or do not have an approved exemption are able to register for fully online courses. Please see our College COVID-19 Updates for more information and visit our Virtual Student Resource Center for support.

Information on Student Bookstore Voucher

Note: This is an update from Sept. 2, 2021, please refer to the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy or the COVID-19 Updates page for the latest information.

Full- and part-time students who become fully vaccinated between Aug. 19, 2021 and Oct. 1, 2021, and who upload their vaccination cards to the College’s secure site, are eligible to receive a $250 Bookstore credit. Vouchers will be issued 10 days following the start of the 15-week/10-week semesters, and can be used in-person or online.

There is no restriction on what the voucher can be used on in the Bookstore, and the voucher does not carry cash value (i.e., students will not receive a refund check for unused funds). The voucher must be used at the Bookstore prior to the end of the Spring 2022 semester.


Can you review/check my status to receive the credit?

The College is working to validate uploaded vaccination cards as quickly as possible, and unfortunately is unable to review or check the status of when your voucher will be available at this time. Each day, the College sends the Bookstore a list of students who meet the voucher requirements and whose cards have been validated. This process will take time, so the College asks for continued patience throughout this process.

I already received my vaccines, but if I receive the booster shot during the specified time frame, will this qualify me to receive the voucher?

No. The voucher is only available for students who become fully vaccinated between August 19, 2021 and October 1, 2021, and who upload their vaccine cards within this time frame. (This would include receiving the two shots needed for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and the one shot needed for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.) You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot for Moderna and Pfizer, and two weeks after the first shot for Johnson & Johnson. 

I've uploaded my vaccine card. When will I receive the funds?

The funds will be available 10 days after the start of the semester (for the 15- and 10-week terms) and once your upload has been validated. You will receive a confirmation once your funds are available for use.

I uploaded my card, but did not receive the voucher. Why is that?

Students who become fully vaccinated between August 19, 2021 and October 1, 2021, and who upload their vaccine cards within this time frame are eligible to receive the voucher. 

I already purchased my books/supplies. Could I receive a credit or refund by using the $250 voucher?

Unfortunately, no. You may use the voucher for future purchases, but we are unable to backdate purchases. 

What can I purchase with my $250 voucher?

You may use your voucher for anything within the Bookstore, aside from gift cards. The voucher has absolutely no cash value.

How do I access the funds in person or online?

While in person, please present your student ID or ID and J# to complete your purchase. Your total purchase amount will be deducted from your $250 voucher. If you are making a purchase online, during the checkout process, change your payment method to “Financial Aid/Scholarship” and enter your J#. The system will recognize your available voucher balance. 

Can I send someone else to the Bookstore to use my voucher?

No. You must present your student ID in the Bookstore or a valid ID and your J#.

Will this have any effect on my Bookstore credit through financial aid?

No. This Bookstore incentive is completely separate from your financial aid credit and therefore will not have any impact on your Bookstore credit. However, unlike Bookstore credit, for any funds not used before the deadline, you will not receive the difference in the form of a check or personal deposit. 

When is the last day to use this voucher?

May 5, 2022 will be the last day to use your Bookstore credit. This is the last day of the spring 2022 semester. 

If you still have questions, please email us at