Spring Schedule and Vaccination Update

Community College of Philadelphia will be operating remotely through February 14 with a limited number of classes meeting in person. Due to City of Philadelphia mandates, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated. To register for in-person or hybrid spring 2022 classes, students need to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Students who are not vaccinated or do not have an approved exemption are able to register for fully online courses. Please see our College COVID-19 Updates for more information and visit our Virtual Student Resource Center for support.

Faculty/Staff Guidelines for Enforcing COVID Safety Precautions

Enforcing COVID Safety Precautions

A New Twist in Classroom Civility


What if a student refuses to wear a mask (or refuses to wear a mask correctly) in class?

All students are required to double mask (wear a surgical mask and a cloth mask) or wear a KN95 mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status unless they have an accommodation from the Center on Disability. The College can provide surgical masks if needed. Faculty will be notified in advance by the Center on Disability of any such accommodation. Masking will be required throughout the spring 2022 semester. For information on how to double mask, please read this guidance from the CDC. If a student does not have an accommodation, and a student is not wearing a mask or is wearing a mask inappropriately in class, the instructor should ask the student to put on their mask, fix their mask, or, if obvious they are not double-masked, put on a second mask, in a non-confrontational manner. If the student refuses the instructor may ask the student to leave. If the student refuses to leave, the instructor should call Public Safety at 215-751-8111.   

Instructors may use their discretion in deciding if they should pause the class or dismiss the class while waiting for Public Safety to come. The instructor could also step outside the class to avoid further confrontation with the student until Public Safety arrives. The key to handling such a situation is to avoid escalating the situation. 

The instructor should notify the Dean of Students Office of the incident by submitting a Behavior Reporting Form. The student may be referred for discipline or sanctions pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct. Please also refer to the College’s Campus COVID-19 Safety Expectations for Students

Can I ask a student about their medical condition or if they have been vaccinated?

In enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, instructors should not engage in any discussion related to personal information of the students or themselves. For example, instructors should not ask students who refuse to wear a mask, or any other student, about their medical condition or vaccination status.  The institutional COVID-19 safety protocol is clear—everyone must wear a mask (absent an accommodation)—irrespective of a person’s personal background. If instructors have questions related to handling a situation in a classroom, please feel free to call Randolph Merced, Director of Public Safety (215-751-8111), on best practices for de-escalating the situation within a classroom. 

The College’s safety protocols also recommend that students and employees should not come to campus if they are experiencing any type of respiratory infections or other contagious illness (e.g., cold or flu). It may be difficult to tell the difference between the symptoms of some respiratory infections, allergy or asthma, and those of COVID-19. Please refrain from asking students or fellow employees about their medical condition or if their symptoms are indeed linked to allergy or asthma. We expect individuals to monitor their own symptoms and believe that individuals will do their part in keeping the College safe. If you are truly concerned that a student has come to campus with symptoms of COVID-19, you should contact the Dean of Students Office to address the matter.

What if a student refuses to wear a mask indoors outside of the classroom?

Outside of the classroom setting, employees are encouraged to use de-escalation techniques to encourage others around campus to wear masks. Employees should not be confrontational with anyone not wearing masks around campus. If de-escalation techniques do not work, employees can notify Public Safety or a safety ambassador by dialing (215) 751-8111. 

Strategies for encouraging and enforcing mask use and physical distancing

Using face masks are critical to keeping our campus community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone on campus not wearing a mask puts the health of the campus community in jeopardy.

There are ways to respond that are helpful and may resolve the situation. The table below provides a de-escalation protocol that should be used to encourage and enforce face mask use.


Not wearing a mask


Ask if the individual is aware that face coverings are required on campus


Direct individual to the nearest Public Safety desk or to a safety or student ambassador to receive a mask


If noncompliance continues, either ask the individual to leave or, if able, remove yourself from the area


For ongoing violations and/or egregious violations, please report via the Behavior Reporting Form


  • If a student is not complying, notify the Dean of Students Office at deanofstudents@ccp.edu.
  • If faculty are not complying, notify the Dept. Chair.
  • If a staff member is not complying, notify your supervisor, Dean or a VP.