Campus COVID-19 Safety Expectations for Students

Effective July 5, 2022

In order to minimize the risks associated with the novel coronavirus infection, COVID-19, Community College of Philadelphia (“CCP”) is maintaining the following safety expectations for all students who come to the Main Campus and/or Regional Centers (“Campus”). Student adherence to these expectations is required to keep the CCP Campus a safe place to learn and work. Students who do not comply may be subject to discipline or sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct. We are all in this together. In order to help make our “new normal” as seamless as possible we all have to do our part.

Students should refrain from coming to Campus if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to: 

One or more of these symptoms: Two or more of these symptoms:
new or persistent cough fever
shortness of breath chills
new loss of sense of smell muscle pain
new loss of sense of taste headache
sore throat
congestion/runny nose

In order to maintain a safe Campus, we also encourage students with other infectious illnesses (e.g., cold, flu, etc.) to stay home, and communicate with their instructor about their need to miss class if they are feeling ill.

While on Campus, we ask that students do their part to keep our community safe by following the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines which CCP has implemented, including:

  • Comply with the COVID-19 Isolation, Quarantine and Testing Protocol.
    • If you contract COVID-19, have close contact with a person with COVID-19, or otherwise need to quarantine/isolate as a result of these expectations, report your illness or exposure to the COVID-19 Response Team at 215-751-8035 (press “Option 1” for COVID inquiries, and then “Option 2” for students) or via email at and also notify your instructor. You may be directed to isolate or quarantine in accordance with the COVID-19 Isolation, Quarantine and Testing Protocol.  The COVID Response Team may contact you to ask about information to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on Campus. Please cooperate with the COVID Response Team and provide the requested information if you are contacted.  
  • If you become sick while on Campus, please go home as soon as possible and notify your instructor or the Dean of Students Office at
  • Masks are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory unless otherwise required by your specific program.
  • Follow all other CCP COVID-19 safety protocols which are available on CCP’s Coronavirus webpage.

The Importance of Complying

These COVID-19 Student Safety Expectations are mandatory requirements to keep our community safe and healthy. CCP may add to or change these Student Safety Expectations as a result of public health circumstances. Students must stay informed and follow any new expectations. Students who do not comply with these expectations may be subject to the disciplinary process or sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct. 

If a staff member or faculty member asks you to comply with any COVID safety measure, please do so. Students who fail to comply with our COVID 19 Student Safety Expectations may be asked to leave, be escorted out of class and/or the Campus, and/or be sent to the Dean of Students’ office to discuss compliance and expectations regarding your participation in face-to-face, on-campus instruction or other on-Campus activities.

If the level of disruption or noncompliance with these guidelines in or out of the classroom requires formal judicial action such as a judicial board hearing, students may be removed from the course(s) as part of a sanction, without refund, or subject to any other sanctions permitted by the Student Code of Conduct.

We want all our students, faculty and staff to learn and work in a healthy and safe environment. If the requirements for in-person instruction or on-campus activities is not for you, we will have an advisor or counselor work to find a suitable online format that can best meet your needs. Whether it’s in a hybrid format or online, we believe in the values of patience, unity and cooperation. Thank you for doing your part. In the end, all will know why we are the PRIDE of the city.