Adjustments to Spring 2022 Courses

Hybrid and In-person Classes Will Be Online Until Feb. 15

As you know, the City of Philadelphia has recently seen increases in the spread of COVID-19 that necessitate that the College make adjustments. We realize that we are unexpectedly again in a time of some adjustment and we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we address new circumstances. We are all aware that the health and safety of the College community should be our first priority.

All courses that have been scheduled to be online will take place online per the semester’s schedule and will not be affected.

Community College of Philadelphia will adjust the majority of in-person, on-campus classes by moving all or part of these classes online through Feb. 14. In-person classes will resume on Feb. 15 for 15A and 7A terms. These adjustments do not impact courses in the 10A or 7B terms.

Courses that WILL Meet In-person On Campus

The following courses will continue to have in-person meetings on campus. Please review this list. If your course is not on the list, that means it will be 100 percent online through Feb. 14. Contact information to get more details about in-person courses is also provided below.

Allied Health

The following courses will meet in-person at the Northeast Regional Center.

  • AH 113: Exam Room Procedures I | CRN: 11588 and 12125
  • AH 115: Exam Room Procedures II | CRN: 11590

For questions about AH courses, please contact Jocelyn Lewis at

Automotive Technologies

ALL classes in Automotive Technology will remain the same as they are on the course schedule.

For questions about AT courses, please contact Richard Saxton at

Culinary Arts

All courses will meet in person as originally scheduled EXCEPT for CULA 271,  which will move to online. The following will meet in person:

  • CULA 151: Elementary Baking and Pastry | CRN: 12351
  • CULA 170: Elementary Food Preparation, Principles and Practices | CRN: 12339
  • CULA 171: Quantity Food Preparation | CRN: 12340
  • CULA 211: Garde Manger and International Cuisine | CRN: 12352

For questions about CULA courses, please contact Lynsey Madison at

Dental Hygiene

The following courses will meet in person on Main Campus:

  • DH 121: Oral Histology and Embryology | CRN: 10810
  • DH 165: Nutrition and Biochemistry in Dentistry | CRN: 10809
  • DH 192: Clinical Dental Hygiene II  | CRN: 10821, 10783, 11043, 11056

For questions about DH courses, please contact Jocelyn Lewis at

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

The following courses will meet in person on Main Campus:

  • DMI 106: Image Production and Evaluation II  | CRN: 12588
  • DMI 120: Radiation Safety II | CRN: 12589
  • DMI 132: Patient Care and Procedures II | CRN: 12591, 12592, 12593, 12590
  • DMI 182: Radiographic Osteology and Pathology II | CRN:  12594

For questions about DMI courses, please contact Jocelyn Lewis at

Medical Laboratory Technician

The following courses will meet in person on Main Campus:

  • MLT 102: Phlebotomy | CRN: 11749 and 11750
  • MLT 155: Clinical Hematology | CRN: 11752 and 11753

For questions about MLT courses, please contact Jocelyn Lewis at


  • MUS 196C, 197C, 296C and 297C: Chamber Ensemble | CRN: 12075, 12076, 12077 and 12497

For questions about MUS courses, please contact Paul Geissinger at

Respiratory Care Technology

The following courses will meet in person on Main Campus:

  • RESP 102: Respiratory Pharmacology, Modalities, and Airway Management | CRN: 10727, 11801 and 10726

For questions about RESP courses, please contact Jocelyn Lewis at

Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • THM 285: Dining Room Management | CRN: 12341

For questions about THM courses, please contact Lynsey Madison at

Student Resources

All student support services will continue to be available online with options available in person, by appointment. Visit the Virtual Student Support Services webpage for more information.

The College will also continue to provide loaner laptops to students. If you need a laptop to borrow for online instruction, contact your instructor to tell them you need to borrow a laptop in order to complete the required coursework. Please provide the following information to the instructor: your J#, email address and mobile phone number. The request to borrow a laptop will be entered by the instructor on your behalf. Once the College receives the information you will be notified of the next steps in the process.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We look forward to a successful semester!