Diversity Plan

The Community College of Philadelphia is committed to the development of a campus community that values and respects human dignity and differences.  We understand that success as an excellent academic institution requires a culture that encourages, embraces, and strongly supports diversity.

2017-2021 Diversity Plan

The 2017-2021 Diversity Plan is the third edition of our commitment to growing and sustaining a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment. It provides a framework for fostering opportunities for students and employees to reach their fullest potential by identifying and eliminating barriers that impede success.

The purpose of this Plan is to help manage the increasing complexity of student and employee diversity and inclusion, and to encourage the institution to assimilate diversity efforts into the core institutional functions to realize the educational benefits of diversity. It provides a blueprint for the institution to infuse diversity into the recruiting, admissions, and hiring processes, into its curriculum and co-curricular activities, and into administrative structures and practices.

We believe that our commitment to inclusive diversity practices is essential to the overall success of our students and employees, and to helping add value to the diverse community in which we serve.

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